House Rules

We hope you experience a peaceful stay in our beautiful Lincolnshire countryside.
The orchard is situated in a conservation area with village property. There are lovely people living here and it’s very important that your stay has no impact on them. Please adhere to the House Rules,

Many thanks
Andrew and Janet

No music devices
Please leave your bluetooth speakers at home.

No outdoor games
Best leave the frisbee with the bluetooth speaker.

No stag or hen parties
Go to Amsterdam or Prague like everyone else.

Do not drive or park in the orchard
There is a designated parking in the driveway at Grange Farm. It’s totally secure and out of sight.

No campfires
We don’t want the sooty remains of other people’s bonfires thanks.

Don’t wake the neighbourhood
Hours of quiet/silence are from 22.00 until 07.00. Repeatedly noisy guests will be asked to leave.

No fireworks or sky lanterns
The night skies above Stamford are entertaining enough.

No dogs…
…or cats, budgerigars or lamas.

No Children
Only if they are accompanied by one adult.

Respect the smoke free zone
Only burn kiln-dried wood in the wood burner.

Only two adults per hut
There is one double bed for one to two adults only. Additional guests are not allowed to camp.

No late night check-in
The latest time guests can check-in is 8 pm.

Gas BBQs
Only portable gas barbeques may be used and at the management’s discretion.

Please pick-up any litter before leaving.